2014 Prophecies

"2014: Our year of Extraordinary Deliverance and Advancement (Obadiah:1:17)"

1.This year is going to be a year of great revival

2.This is a year of many questions with scanty answers

3.This year, strong prayers are needed to dislodge so many strange powers

4.This is a year of deliverance from great afflictions and bondage

5.This is a year of MONUMENTAL failure for those who trust in occultic and fetish powers

6.This is a year of uncommon salvation from sins

7.This is the year of harvest of new born babies and open doors for expectant mothers

8.This is a year of wonders and mysteries

9.This is a year of very intensive angelic traffic visitations, some will entertain angels unaware

10.This is a year of prophetic dreamers

11.This is a year when God will raise up women who are prophetic voices for the nations, many women will be divine instrument in the hands of the Lord

12.This year is not only a year of deliverance but also a year of awesome restoration

13.A year of negative and positive things

14.A year of conflict of altars

15.There will be escalation of many conflicts

16.There will still be scary ways

17.Strong prayers are needed to keep a lot of major companies from going backwards

18.Strong prayers are also needed to arrest earthquakes and famine

19.This year, God will position so many people for great achievements, sometime at great risk but they will achieve it

20.A year of marine madness, the marine madness in 2013 will snowball again into this year

21.All these occultic agenda for making money and kidnappers will experience traffic failure this year

22.A very tough year for many political leaders who are not standing straight

23.This has to do with the house of God: it is a year when traders shall be chased out of the temple of God

24.A year when all First Born must have rugged determination and be spiritually serious if not, they will be wasted

25.A year when strange hands shall compete for many national flags and cause damage to the flags

26.A year of deliverance from violent storms, whether spiritual, social or economy

27.A year of uncommon and awesome healing of the power of God

28.Just as the Passover night was the last night of Israel’s bondage in the land of Egypt, that 2013 has gone, shall be the last year of bondage for many, and this shall be a year of total freedom for them. Many who have been suffering, crying and weeping will be ushered into their period of dancing and singing.

29.This is a year when caging powers shall lose their detention powers to the righteous

30.For the righteous this year, every mad opposition against you shall be powerless as a result of this Passover year that we are into


7 Prayer Strategies in This Year of Passovers

1. Divine Presence

2. Divine Power

3. Divine Protection

4. Divine Provision

5. Divine Purpose

6. Divine Positions

7. Divine Promotion