MFM Downloads

Hi there! During some MFM services, prayer points are usually handed out. To ensure everyone has a copy of these prayers and other resources no matter your location, we will be adding them here for download, FREE!!!

Keep the Fire Burning with MFM Downloads
Event Name Theme
52 Bible Verses to Memorize Weekly Download
Great Physician & Women Deliverance Sunday Download (Great Physician Prayers)
Download (Women Deliverance)
Download (Great Physician Prayers Yoruba)
Download (Women Deliverance Yoruba)
Download (Great Physician Prayers French)
Download (Women Deliverance French)
Download (Great Physician Prayers Swahili)
Download (Women Deliverance Swahili)
22-02-2022 Prayers Download
Download (French)
Download (Swahili)
Download (Yoruba)
Bi Monthly Programme Speak Woe Unto Long-Term Problems Download
Deliverance From Suicidal Thoughts Download
Special Programme Power Against Local Sennacherib Download
Download(French Version)
The Word Bomb Download
The Word Bomb French Download
Prayer for the Nation and Family Download
World Intercession Download
MFM 30 Days Prayer Retreat (March 22 - April 20, 2020) Download
Anti-Infirmity Missiles Download
Special Event Possessing the Gate of 19-9-19 Download
Download (French version)
The Mystery of the First Fruit Offering (Audio) Download
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Wednesday Night Live!
(December 16, 2015)
Setting Your Environment Free Download