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I am delighted and happy to present to you MEN OF VALOUR of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries Worldwide. Men of Valour has been set up to achieve the following objectives:

  • Empower men spiritually because when men are spiritually empowered they can possess their possessions
  • Establish, recreate an array of men who will remake the world
  • Empower men that will cause a change in the household of God and in the society
  • Empower men that will live impactful lives

The above will be achieved through seminars and workshops, prayer meetings, deliverance services, marriage seminars and other life impacting seminars, mini bible school, mini deliverance school etc.

I therefore welcome you to be part of our new vision, MFM MEN OF VALOUR, for your spiritual and physical empowerment.

Thank you and God bless you.

Dr. D.K. Olukoya
General Overseer, Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries Worldwide

A Man of Valour...

can be defined as the total man who has discovered himself and has known God by revelation. A man of Valour therefore, differs from other men by possessing some peculiar qualities:

  • A man who knows God
  • A man who loves God and others
  • A man who fears God
  • A man who trusts God in all things
  • A man of exceptional courage
  • A man of integrity
  • A man of strength
  • A man who is faithful
  • A man of peace
  • A man who protects others
  • A man of honour
  • A man of his words etc

Our Vision

For men to discover themselves, to recover their lost glory and be repositioned to fulfill their divine destiny (Ezekiel 36:26)

Our Mission

To change lives of men by making them to discover themselves, bringing them closer to God, encouraging them to become men of integrity, who will make significant and beneficial impact in the lives of their children, spouses, families, in the society and in all facets of life.

The mission seeks to see Christian men financially and economically buoyant, putting them at the center of the economy and bringing dignity to the family.

The mission seeks to empower men to cause changes in their lives, families, household of God and in the society. It seeks to empower men that will live impactful lives.

Our Core Values

We strive to fulfill our mission and vision by committment to be:

  • Holy
  • Righteous in Christ
  • Filled and guided by the Holy Spirit
  • Christ-like
  • An example of a believer
  • Patient
  • Love our wives and children as Christ loves the church
  • Committed to the Word of God
  • Husband of one wife
  • Prayer eagle
  • Financial and spiritual heads of our homes

Bible Club

  • To teach men in-depth truth of God's word in order to inspire them to build and develop interest inb studying the word of God and its importance
  • To help men have the understanding of applying the word of God into their family, environment and their daily living
  • To help men understand the mystery of God's way by applying the word of God into every situation and circumstances etc.

Empowerment Group

  • To empower others in using their talents and knowledge to activate men's dreams in our environment through training, seminars and workshop
  • To activate non-functional hidden talents inside the men in our environment through talent hunt programs
  • To bring back the lost sheep (men) into the body of Christ by having open seminars and workshops that will be of great benefit and interest in our environment, etc.

Evangelism Group

  • To sensitize men on the need for evangelism as well as to motivate and involve men in personal and mass evangelism
  • To gather the lost sheep together into the assembly of God's children through evangelism
  • To reach the unreached areas so as to proclaim liberty to the opprerssed and bring them into the kingdom of God, etc

Joshua + Hur Group

  • To raise men who are interested in using their money to finance God's work
  • To bring orderliness and execute church programs through financial stability
  • To adequately supervise church projects, church buildings, schools, social amenities and infrastructures

Music Group

  • To encourage and involve men with musical skills in God's work
  • To train men on how to sing and play musical instruments
  • To train men on how to use their voices and musical talents to propagate the gospel of salvation, etc

Prayer Eagle Group

  • To raise eagle men in prayer
  • To stand in gap for the people, nation, body of Christ, believers and the ministers of God
  • To raise men with fervent prayer life
  • To train men to become God's confidant through prayers
  • To raise men that can use prayers to reshape and repair the damages done to our environment
  • To set men on fire for God, etc

Think Thank Group

  • To give suggestions, ideas and opinions that can bring about the growth and development of the church
  • To use their God given abilities to solve any problem in the church
  • To plan and strategize for the progress of the church and also for men in general
  • To build capacity of men in becoming responsible husbands and fathers
  • To see men using God's given talent and abilities to solve problems
  • To train and empower men to take up responsibilities against challenges
  • To see Christian men using their wealth winning soul for Christ



Programme Date Venue
Leaders' Retreat
To prepare and acquaint MOV Leaders on our vision & programme for the year 2016
March 11 MFM Prayer City
MOV World Conference
Gathering of all men in MFM world-wide at the Prayer City
August 11 - 12 MFM Prayer City
Training/Workshop for Leaders and Preparation for 2018 Calendar
All men coming together with creative ideas for the execution of church projects and developments
December 8 - 9 MFM Prayer City


MOV programme of activities will take place at iou locations in Nigeria as well as the four continental headquarters of MOV already created i.e. UK, USA, UAE, South Africa

Programme Date Venue
Church Development Seminar
All men coming together with creative ideas for the execution of church projects and developments
May 20 Lagos / Abuja / Port-Harcourt / Ibadan / UK / South Africa / US / UAE


MOV programme of activities at this level will affect mostly the districts created in Nigeria (District Coordinators, North Central, North West, North East, South South, South West, South East, Lagos) while the activities at the Foreign (other countries outsi Nigeria) will hold theirs at the continental headquarters. The activites are as follows:

Programme Date Venue
Men's Pray
All men coming together with creative ideas for the execution of church projects and developments
October 1 District HQs


MOV programme of activities at the states should be stronger and more effective. State co-ordiantors are strongly advised to mobilize all regions within their states for the following activities:

Programme Date Venue
Empowerment Programme
To empower our men in using their talents and knowledge to activate men's dreams in our environment. Each region should handle the programme in their regional headquarters. This year, we are focusing on Skill Acquisition
September 9 State HQs
Bible Seminar
To organize bible quiz and seminar in all our regions, zones and branches
September 16 State HQs


All leaders of MOV in the Regions/Branches are to effectively organize the following MOV activities:

Programme Date Venue
Men's Mass Evangelism
All men are expected to go out and evangelize in their regions, zones and branches and win the whole of their environment for Christ
October 14 Regional HQs / Branch
Health Seminar
To organize health seminar on common illness affecting all men - topics for this year are kidney disease and cancer of the colon
July 22 Regional HQs / Branch
MOV Musical Concert November 5 Regional HQs / Branch
Men's Deliverance December 9 Regional HQs / Branch


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